NIBE: New technology core with heat pump makes house fully self-sufficient

There are innovative systems on the Czech market that secure optimum management of natural resources and energy, as well as self-sufficiency and independence of buildings on technical infrastructure. One of them is a zero-energy house using the NyrdenCore technology core with the NIBE F750 ventilation heat pump. NyrdenCore provides a comprehensive solution to heating, cooling, ventilation, water heating, environmentally friendly waste water treatment and power production. The system allows for the production and storage of electric power independently on technical infrastructure, making the house less prone to outages. Jan Blažíček of the NyrdenCore team says: “The common feature of all the interconnected solutions is renewable sources, optimised consumption, maximum efficiency of all individual processes and accumulation of energy; in brief: interconnection of quality technologies forming a single synergetic unit. - Crest Communications -



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