Norway adopts zero-emission regulations in world heritage fjords

Hege Økland, CEO of the maritime industrial cluster NCE Maritime CleanTech, says the decision will be of great significance for the industry. She compares it to the Norwegian Parliament’s decision from 2015 saying that all ferries in new tenders must have low or zero emission technology. This has led to an electric revolution in the Norwegian fjords, as more than 60 electrical ferries will be seaborne within the next few years. The decision means in practice that all cruise and tourist ships currently sailing along the coast of Norway immediately have to plan for how to halt emissions. Existing ships must be equipped for electric propulsion with battery packs and, in the future, hydrogen. Several new ships already have, or are planning, such solutions. In addition, onshore power will be needed in ports to enable ships to recharge when docked. - ShipInsight -



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