Norway Hopes Autonomous Electric Ships Can Replace Trucks

The Norwegian Maritime Authority and the Norwegian Coastal Administration created the Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships (NFAS) in September 2016 to tackle this project. The organization has since created two testing zones for autonomous ships; one is in Norway's Trondheim Fjord, the other is in Greenland. Instead of trucks or trains, Norway is focusing on autonomous ships because they work best with its topography. Because of the country's numerous fjords, lakes, and rivers, many road journeys in Norway require taking a ferry at some point anyway. Autonomous ships will stick to this local environment initially, but NFAS envisions convoys of them eventually traveling the open ocean, with individual ships peeling off to stop at designated ports en route. Power for the ships could come from batteries or hydrogen fuel cells. The autonomous ships will rely on a similar suite of sensors to autonomous cars, including cameras, radar, and lidar. (The Drive)



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