Norway is the Second Safest Country in the World

Norway tops on Gallup’s Law and Order Index, a worldwide gauge of people’s sense of personal security and their personal experiences with crime and law enforcement. The index consists of four questions about people’s actual experience of theft and assault/mugging, their confidence in local police and safety walking alone at night. The index allows a minimum score of 0 and a maximum score of 100. Norway’s overall score of 93, shared with Iceland and Finland, is second only to Singapore. The 2018 Global Law and Order report presents the results from Gallup’s latest measurements of people’s answers to these questions based on more than 148,000 interviews with adults in 142 countries and areas in 2017. The countries scoring the best and the worst on the index remained unchanged from 2016. Scores worldwide ranged from a high of 97 in Singapore to a low of 44 in Venezuela. - The Nordic Page -



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