Norwegian Verdane buying marketing platform BrandMaster

(ČIA) The Norwegian-Czech BrandMaster, or the entire Papirfly Group, to which BrandMaster belongs along with ImageVault and Papirfly, is being strategically strengthened by the Norwegian Verdane fund. It is a capital fund managing more than EUR 3bn with a portfolio of 120 startups, including German and Scandinavian unicorns. The investment, the value of which the companies did not disclose, will contribute to the development of a platform for the management and automation of marketing and creative processes, the development of which is taking place from Zlín. The company also plans to expand the number of developers and creatives who would help with the development of a global tool in the Czech Republic and the establishment of other domestic branches. Papirfly Group's expected turnover in 2021 is around CZK 600m.



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