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we monitor the COVID-19 situation very carefully for you. We do not want to overwhelm you with an abundance of information, which is often subsequently modified, however, below follows a summary of information on compensation under the Crisis Act and an overview concerning employees.
On the basis of the Crisis Act, damage incurred in connection with the crisis measure may be compensated. It is therefore not possible to pay for damage or lost profits that have occurred as a result of the epidemic itself. The damage also includes entrepreneur’s lost profits. Thus, the real damage will be, above all, those costs that were incurred in connection with crisis measures and which would not otherwise have been incurred. The lost profits can be understood, in particular, as situations where, as a result of a crisis measure, it was not possible to deliver supplies and services which could normally be fulfilled and the profit of such supplies could be calculated.
In order to be able to claim the damage caused by the current limitations, the damage must be primarily causally linked to the current crisis measures and must be brought before the competent crisis management authority no later than 6 months after you become aware of it. In order to claim damages successfully, the reason for its occurrence and its amount will have to be proven. In this context, we recommend that you have all relevant documentation available that can be reasonably justified and that may prove the amount.

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