Number of people using shared cars Autonapůl grows

(CIANEWS) - The number of users of cooperative Autonapůl's car-sharing service increased by 13% y/y in 2022. The entire fleet covered more than 1.2 million km. Of this, 27% was driven by companies and freelancers, who make up 17% of carpoolers. The Toyota Corolla hybrid estate, the Dacia Sandero LPG hybrid and the Tesla 3 and Dacia Spring electric cars were added to the fleet. From the beginning of 2023, Autonapůl also includes the Hyundai i30 Estate among the vehicles. Throughout February 2023, all users drive at a discount of CZK 1/km. Michal Šimoník, the cooperative's director, added that less than a hundred vehicles are serving carpoolers in eight cities from Plzeň to Ostrava. The cars serve users for an average of seven hours a day.



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