ODS and STAN will not support budget gap of CZK 500bn

(ČIA) Neither ODS nor STAN will support the budget gap on the level of CZK 500bn. ODS Chairman Petr Fiala said that the party wanted the government to submit an audit of state expenses by July 31, 2020, a plan for the reduction of red tape by 10% by the end of this year and a reduction by further 10% by the year 2021. He said that he would introduce a draft to abandon the super gross wage and the concept of a tax reform helping small and medium-sized business as of the same date. MPs elected for STAN will support the budget only if the money will go to the development of the economy and investment incentives. They want the government to restructure expenses and would be willing to support the budget gap up to the maximal amount of CZK 450bn.



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