Opposition criticises distribution of VZP brochure

(ČIA) UPDATE - The Pirates want to take the matter of the ANO movement's promotional campaign through VZP to court. Their chairman, Ivan Bartoš, said they will request an interim measure prohibiting VZP from distributing the promotional brochure of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO). ODS chairman Petr Fiala stated that it looks like A. Babiš included VZP in his holding. The oligarchisation of the state must end, he said. Vít Rakušan, the chairman of STAN, believes that the use of CZK 15m for personal promotion from the money of VZP insureds a month before the elections was too much. In response to the opposition's criticism, A. Babiš said he had no problem with waiting until after the elections to publish the brochure.



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