PLK council approved draft budget with CZK 1.995bn deficit

(ČIA) The council approved the draft budget of the Plzeň Region (PLK) for 2022. The budget is proposed with a deficit of CZK 1.995bn. It will be covered by the region's own resources and a loan. Expenditure will reach ca. CZK 8.6bn, revenue CZK 6.6bn. Compared to 2021, expenditure is CZK 822m higher. A deficit of CZK 1.312bn has been approved for 2021. Deputy Governor Pavel Karpíšek said that the region’s priorities include e.g. pre-financing of subsidised projects, financing of repairs and reconstruction of the road network. The most financially demanding area is transport, where they plan to invest CZK 4.1bn. The biggest construction project this year and next year is the western ring road in Plzeň.



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