Prague Airport handled 145% more people, has 15 e-cars

(CIANEWS) - Prague Airport increased the number of passengers handled by 145% y/y to 10.73 million in 2022. Board of directors chairman Jiří Pos added that the result was still 40% lower compared to the year before in 2019. This is due, among other things, to passenger drop-offs from Russia, Ukraine and Asia, as well as a reduction in Czech Airlines' operations. Despite this, the airport welcomed 11 new carriers and added 16 destinations. The company has added 15 electric vehicles to its fleet. Net turnover increased to CZK 5.93bn from CZK 3.23bn in the preceding year. The profit totalled CZK 283.05m. A year ago, the company posted a loss of CZK 943.56m.



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