Profesia: Average wage grows by 7% in 1H

(CIANEWS) - The total average wage including bonuses and remuneration in the Czech Republic for 1H 2022 reached CZK 49,166. Year-on-year earnings increased by 7%, compared to 1Q22 by 4%. This is according to data from the salary portal, with the most significant impact on wage growth having been the increase in the minimum wage. The biggest shifts were recorded in the category of auxiliary work (+23%), woodworking (+16%), and services (+11%). Outside of top management salaries, employees earned the most in IT (CZK 63,240). In terms of regions, Prague leads (CZK 58,300), followed by Central Bohemia (CZK 47,200) and South Moravia (CZK 46,000). At the other end of the ranking are the regions of Karlovy Vary (CZK 36,500), Olomouc (CZK 38,600) and Zlín (CZK 39,200).



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