Profesia: Retail salaries up 19 % in 3 years

(ČIANEWS) - According to data from the portal, the total average salary, including rewards and bonuses, increased year-on-year by 3 % to more than CZK 43,000. Michal Novák from the job portal also said that the wage increase in the retail segment in the last three years amounted to 19 %. In 1Q 2022, the number of places offered increased by 28 % year-on-year. Compared to the situation before the pandemic, the number of offers increased by 1 %. In the last two years, burdened by covid restrictions, there was a greater demand for workers in retail and logistics. However, Retail, which immediately after production is the largest contributor to the offer of vacancies on, probably has the strongest growth behind it.



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