Reaction of the Foreign Chambers of Commerce on the Government „Program Antivirus"

(March 26) Many businesses have experienced sharp drops in revenue stemming from drops in demand, shortage of supply, and/or government measure. Clearly delineating the source of the drop in revenue is academic detective work. The important issue is that the drop in revenue has created major cash flow issues inside these companies and compelling companies to cut costs. The concern is that companies will cut employment as result, and that the cumulative effect of lower employment will lead to cycle of lower demand and further job loss.

The Czech government has reacted to this situation with a package of employment support measures targeted at specific causes of revenue loss: quarantine (two programs), government emergency measures, loss of supply due to the coronavirus, and loss of demand for product and service. The government has placed a range of government wage compensation based on the cause.

-CZE/ENG document -



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