Reykjavik residents divided over ban on diesel cars

In comparison, only 44% of inhabitants would be opposed to such measures and 17% were neutral. 39% of people between 18 and 49, and a similar percentage of those older than 50, were pro-ban. In comparison, more than 45% of older respondents were against the diesel ban. The survey comes only a couple of days after the government’s decision to impose a new carbon tax on fuel, which is bound to increase further by the year 2020. According to the chairman of the Department of Environment and Planning for the City of Reykjavík, it’s quite surprising to see how many people are actually in favour of the ban. “I think it’s probably because of the recent debate about traffic pollution,” he explained, adding that the government should also focus more on making electric cars more financially accessible. - The Reykjavik Grapevine -



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