Reykjavík to Reduce Gas Stations by Half by 2025

Reykjavík is set to dramatically reduce the number of gas stations in the city by 2030. Currently, there are 75 gas stations in the capital area, but City Council has approved plans to reduce these to around 37 in the next six years as part of its environmental initiatives. Mayor Dagur B. Eggertson announced the plan on his Facebook page this week, saying that the gas stations will be replaced with apartment buildings, shops, and other services. Reykjavík’s climate plan foresees gas stations largely disappearing from the city by 2040 and that vehicular traffic and public transportation will also be greenhouse emission-free by the same time. Current projections are that private cars will account for 58% of transportation by 2030, while public transportation will account for 12% and cycling 30%. - Iceland Review -



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