Salaries fell a real 6.7 % in 4Q22; averaged CZK 43,412

(CIANEWS) - The average wage in 4Q 2022 fell by 6.7 % y/y in real terms. In nominal terms, it increased by 7.9 % to CZK 43,412. The median salary was CZK 37,463. Wages grew the most in the production and distribution of electricity, gas, heat and air conditioning (+14.6 %), other activities (+11.6 %) and in the financial and insurance industry (+10.3 %). A year-on-year decrease of 0.3 % occurred in education. In health and social care, the increase was +4.5 %. The data of the Czech Statistical Office further show that for the whole year 2022, the average salary reached CZK 40,353, which was 6.5 % more year-on-year. In real terms, the average wage decreased by 7.5 %.



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