SAS unveils 15 new flights from Scandinavia

The new Danish routes include year-round flights from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands and Riga, and summer routes to Malta and Olbia in Sardinia. Aalborg gets a new year-round flight to Oslo, while Aarhus can look forward to a summer route to Malaga. In addition to the new routes, SAS will also increase the number of flights from Copenhagen to Malaga, Faro, Palma de Mallorca, Zürich, Geneva, Gdansk and Hamburg. The airline’s routes from Norway are Oslo to Aalborg and Pristina, Bergen to Gdansk, Stavanger to Nice and Kristiansand to Malaga, while from Sweden there will be new flights from Stockholm to Munich, Krakow, Lisbon, Shannon and Pristina. (Copenhagen Post)



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