Schneider Electric testing smart tech for buildings

(CIANEWS) - Schneider Electric's development and technology center in Napajedla is testing products and technologies for smart homes with a focus on efficient energy management in a new laboratory for CZK 4m. It also recently introduced a mobile application for controlling smart homes and a cloud service for the automation of homes and entire buildings, as well as a special system for energy management. The director of the center, Marek Provalil, said that the tested products have sales of EUR 100m. Production takes place mainly in Latvia, but also in Germany and Switzerland. He added that the company was experiencing shortfalls in chip deliveries, so the development center had the task of proposing changes to the electronics for several products. The adjustment averted a loss in sales of almost CZK 200m per year. Development takes place with the aim of being as sustainable as possible and ensuring maximum cybersecurity.



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