Scrap oil extraction by 2050, two of the Danish government’s allies urge

Two of the government’s allies – SF and Radikale – feel that enough is enough as far as oil extraction from the Danish section of the North Sea is concerned. They have accordingly petitioned the government to stop a tender process to issue permits to four interested foreign companies, which would enable them to continue drilling until 2055. “I would be proud to help bring an end to the Danish oil adventure,” explained Radikale leader Morten Østergaard. Denmark earned 8 billion kroner in 2018 from the North Sea – down from 36 billion in 2008. Another government ally, Enhedslisten, along with fellow left-wingers Alternativet have made similar requests in the recent past. “We are completely committed to being CO2-neutral – not only in Denmark but also across the rest of the EU in 2050,” reasoned Østergaard. “When you extract oil from the North Sea, you consume it and contribute to increased CO2 emissions. And so, we need to reduce it if the temperature rise is to be below one and a half degrees,” contended SF chair Pia Olsen Dyhr.

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