Senate approves six-month postponement of installments

(ČIA) Under the accelerated procedure, the Senate approved a proposal for a credit moratorium. It will be possible to defer repayment of loans and mortgages agreed before March 26, 2020 up to a period of six months. Newer loans, credit cards or overdrafts are not affected by this measure. Postponement of repayments will be possible for ordinary consumers, self-employed people and companies. They will be able to defer repayment of their choice either until July 31 or until October 31 of this year. If a client makes use of the postponement of the instalment, the loan repayment period will be extended accordingly. Payments will remain the same. During the grace period, the interest under the contract will continue to run. Companies will pay it continuously even during the deferred payment of principal. Consumers and self-employed persons will only pay it after the principal has been paid.



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