Senators approve compensation for explosions in Vrbětice

(ČIA) On August 18, 2021, the Senate of the Czech Republic approved a bill on one-off compensation for entities affected by the extraordinary event at the Vlachovice-Vrbětice ammunition depot site. The law compensates individuals, the Zlín Region, and five other municipalities, which are Bohuslavice nad Vláří, Haluzice, Lipová, Slavičín and Vlachovice. Apart from Slavičín, compensation is paid in three stages, i.e. for the first period when the explosions occurred, from October 16 to December 12, 2014, the daily rate is CZK 300. In the second period, from December 13, 2014, to December 23, 2015, the daily rate is CZK 100. And in the third period, the daily rate of compensation is CZK 20.



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