Share your experience with the Czech business environment in the Association for Foreign Investments survey

We would like to address all our members with a survey that the Nordic Chamber of Commerce is conducting in collaboration with The Association for Foreign Investment (AFI), which has been working for a long time to improve investment conditions in the Czech Republic for both foreign and Czech investors.

This survey aims to obtain up-to-date and direct feedback on the views of major companies and investors in the Czech Republic on various areas affecting their business, including investment promotion, the labour market, opportunities and threats arising from current trends such as decarbonisation, energy intensity reduction, etc.

Your participation in this survey means that AFI can reflect your opinion in their communication with government and local authorities, as well as plan their activities, projects and public events accordingly. 

What happens after the survey results get processed?

Summarising and communicating the findings to the entire group of surveyed companies in an aggregated, anonymous form
Presentation of findings and recommendations at the AFI Annual Conference on 7 September in Prague
Presentation of the outputs, conclusions and most important recommendations to the media and public administration representatives
Elaboration and implementation of recommendations, e.g. on the platform of our legislative working groups
You can find the survey here (Czech language only).

Thank you for participating. Dedicating your time and sharing your experience is valuable, as it will most likely reach the legislators and thus has a chance to improve the business sphere in the Czech Republic.





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