Skanska is launching a campaign for WELL

Skanska strives to have its projects certified by WELL, which evaluates the impact of a building directly on its users. In order to increase awareness of the basic principles of WELL, Skanska has launched a campaign to introduce the eight pillars, which form the foundations for awarding the certificate. The protagonists of the campaign are eight fictitious employees, the so-called Mindful Eight. Each of them embodies one of the pillars of the certification, for instance: Sparkle, embodying the attribute of light, Floyd – a non-smoking designer who is sensitive to air quality, or Elon, a computer games developer who likes to enjoy all the advantages of the digital age. Skanska will also organize a workshop whose aim will be to introduce the certification to experts and professionals. “We consider WELL certification to be an important and current topic, and so we want to introduce it to the general public as well as professional media and show that it is different from the range of green certifications,” commented Petra Machartová, Marketing and Communication Coordinator of Skanska Property. - Skanska -



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