ŠKODA AUTO cancels shifts, has 20,000 incomplete cars

(ČIA) In the 13th week of 2022, ŠKODA AUTO has cancelled all night shifts and Friday shifts in the welding shop and the MBI assembly. This information was provided by trade union representatives who added that the rest of the shifts would be run in a restricted regime. The B paint shop will not work all week long, whereas the A paint shop will operate normally. Furthermore, all Saturday shifts have been cancelled at all vehicle production stations in Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny. The night shift from Sunday to Monday has been cancelled at the Kvasiny A and B paint shops. However, there is no plan for a mass production shutdown or company shutdown because there is a supply of chips available. There are 20,000 unfinished vehicles at the factory, and their maximum number is set at 40,000. In recent weeks, the production plants in the Czech Republic have been manufacturing 2,300 cars, whereas it used to be over 4,000 vehicles.



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