ŠKODA Vagonka opens CZK 100m machining centre

(ČIA) ŠKODA Vagonka opened the largest machining center in Europe in Ostrava for ca. CZK 100m. A the subsidiary of ŠKODA Transportation Group has put into operation equipment from Strojírna Tyc, thanks to which it will be able to machine oversized aluminum parts. The equipment weighing 360 t, with a length of 50 m and a width of 10 m will be used for the production of railway vehicles for customers in the country and abroad. The company will thus significantly increase the production capacity and streamline the production of new trains. The machine’s installation is part of an extensive investment project, Nová Vagonka. ŠKODA Vagonka’s CEO and board chairman Martin Bednarz added that the total investment will reach almost CZK 1bn. The company will double its production area in Ostrava and the number of employees, which will increase from 450 to 900.



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