Slovaks need 14 and Czechs need 13 wages for apartment

(CIANEWS) - Slovaks need up to 14.1 gross annual wages to buy a new 70 m2 apartment, the highest of any European country. This is according to Deloitte's Property Index 2023, with a year-on-year increase of 1.4 wages. The Czech Republic is in second place with 13 wages, having been in first place last year. In the case of metropolitan areas, Bratislava came in second behind the least affordable Amsterdam and just ahead of Prague in third. People in the Slovak capital need 14.6 wages for a new apartment. The average transaction price of new flats in Slovakia rose by 19.1% to EUR 3,156 per m2. In Bratislava, it was EUR 3,965 per m2 (+13.6%) and the average monthly rent here reached EUR 12 per m2.



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