SME: Modernization fund should decarbonize economy

(ČIA) The modernization fund should ensure primarily the decarbonization of the Czech energy sector; there are other programs for small sources on roofs and community energy. This is based on a Deloitte study for the Modern Energy Association (SME). In order for the Czech Republic to be able to fulfill its climate goals, it needs to build larger renewable sources, especially terrestrial photovoltaic power plants (PVPP). The investment costs for 1 GW of installed output exceed CZK 15bn in the case of terrestrial PVPPs, in the case of residential roof photovoltaics, it is roughly CZK 27bn. In the case of decarbonization the costs for 1 unproduced ton of CO2 are roughly CZK 18,000 in the case of terrestrial PVPPs and almost CZK 35,000 in the case of residential ones.



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