SOCR: PET bottle and can deposits to cost CZK 5bn

(CIANEWS) - The introduction of a deposit system for PET bottles and cans in the Czech Republic will cost almost CZK 5.2bn. This follows from the analysis of the Center of Economic and Market Analysis for the Trade and Tourism Association of the Czech Republic (SOCR), according to which an additional CZK 1.3bn per year will be needed to ensure operations. In total, up to 2.3 billion pieces of packaging should be collected annually. The setting of the handling fee, i.e. the fee per bottle, will depend on the costs. The biggest items will be construction modifications related to the location of the machines, the creation of storage areas for packaging and the price of the machines themselves. The method of packaging collection is also a topic. The upcoming amendment to the European Regulation on packaging and packaging waste introduces the obligation to introduce a deposit system for PET bottles and cans in the event that a 90% recovery rate of beverage packaging is not achieved by 2026.



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