Solar performance up 366 %; over 6k cos. seek subsidies

(ČIANEWS) - In 2022, a total of 33,760 solar power plants with a total output of 288.8 MWp were connected in the Czech Republic. This represents a y/y increase of 262 % in number and 366 % in performance. The driving force was small PV plants with an output of up to 10 kWp, i.e. primarily domestic installations (32,909 with an output of 237.3 MWp). The segment of company installations also strengthened, large projects over 1 MWp were also built in the Czech Republic after many years. This was reported by the Solar Association, which noted an increase in the number of new members from the segment of installation companies. Executive Director Jan Krčmář said that in 2023, a number of company power plants will be built from the National Recovery Plan. Over 6,000 companies applied for subsidies. Thanks to the amendment of the legislation, even the roofs of apartment buildings should find use. An emerging trend is also sharing and community energy.



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