STAN: Approved Building Act and UES will speed up work

(CIANEWS) - In its third reading, the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic approved an amendment to the Building Act. It will speed up and simplify construction procedures thanks to the one-stamp principle while maintaining the complete network of construction authorities. This was announced by the Starostové a nezávislí (STAN) movement, which in a coalition debate opposed the proposal to reduce the number of offices by up to half. The movement's chairman and Interior Minister Vít Rakušan said that the reduction in the number of tasks and digitisation would shorten the procedure time. It will help kick-start, for example, the stagnant construction of supported and rental housing or projects for greater energy self-sufficiency. The approved law on the unified environmental statement (UES), which will merge administrative acts from nine different standards, will also speed up and simplify building permits.



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