SÚKL: Medicines worth CZK 67m lost from pharmacies

(CIANEWS) - The State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) has finally punished the loss of more than 130,000 packages of registered medicines from pharmacies worth more than CZK 66.92m. The amount is not final, further proceedings are still ongoing. Inspections of pharmacies revealed 14 cases where operators ordered medicines but failed to register them after delivery. Thus, there are no records of their receipt or dispensing. In this way, medicines are lost from the official supply chain and probably do not reach patients in the Czech Republic. Fines for lack of record-keeping exceeded CZK 10m. CZK 10 million. The Institute also proposed to amend the law to allow for higher penalties and, in extreme cases, to ban the pharmacy operator from operating. The Czech Chamber of Pharmacy described the loss of medicines as despicable. The chamber has repeatedly offered SÚKL assistance in exposing these practices, but the institute has not taken advantage of it, according to the chamber.



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