Sweden may be heading for a new water crisis this summer

After a dry and hot summer, and not enough snow in the winter, ground water levels are below normal in Sweden. It does not help that Sweden has been in a similar situation for the past few years, but this April is particularly bad compared to 2018, according to the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU). If it does not rain soon, Sweden is heading for a repeat of last year's situation when many areas banned residents from using water from the municipal network for anything other than drinking. Southern and central Sweden (the Götaland and Svealand regions), especially coastal areas such as the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic Sea island of Gotland are particularly at risk this year. "We were already in a difficult situation and have not caught up since last year. The groundwater levels in the large reservoirs are low or very low," Peter Daun, communications officer for the technical administration of Region Gotland, said. - The Local -



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