Sweden's smaller airports see 10% drop in passengers

Sweden's smaller airports lost a total of 275,000 passengers in 2019, and there are concerns within the industry that this could over the long term have an impact on the economy outside the country's major cities. If the trend continues, it's possible that some of Sweden's airports will close down. “I’m worried that more will go down that path,” said Peter Larsson, CEO of Svenska regionala flygplatser (Swedish Regional Airports). Swedavia, which runs the country's major airports, earlier announced that the number of passengers at its airports fell by four percent last year. But when looking at the smaller airports, the corresponding figure is ten percent, or 275,000 people in total. And at certain airports, including those in Jönköping, Karlstad, Skellefteå and Mora, the figure is closer to 30-40 percent.

- The Local -



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