Tesla drives diesel freefall in Norway with some models dropping 95% in sales

Some models, such as Volvo’s V40, V70, and the XC60, saw decreases around 95% in sales since 2013. During that same time period, the consumer market share of diesel and gasoline vehicles overall were nearly cut in half while the first half of 2019 alone saw 55% of all car sales go to BEVs. “This adoption of electric vehicles has resulted in a dramatic decrease of traditional gasoline and diesel vehicle sales, with the steepest decline seen in the diesel segment,” Artyom Tchen, senior analyst on Rystad Energy’s oil markets team, said. Tesla’s Model 3 has led the charge recently in Norway’s BEV sales, capturing 13.5% of newly registered vehicles in 2019 thus far. The reason for the sharp decline in Norway’s diesel car purchases seems to be linked to the country’s efforts supporting clean energy vehicle sales.

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