Tieto and Skellefteå municipality test facial recognition in a high school in Sweden

In a unique pilot project Nordic software and services company Tieto and Anderstorp high school in Skellefteå, Sweden, tested automatic student registration using tags, smartphone apps and facial recognition technology. The teachers at Anderstorp's high school in Skellefteå each year spend 17,280 hours registering students in the lessons. “With automatic registration, students do not have to worry about the teacher forgetting to log their attendance, and the teacher can start their lessons right away, without being disturbed by students arriving late. We wanted to find ways to improve the operations of the school by solving these problems,” says Tommy Lindmark, IT strategist, Skellefteå municipality. In collaboration with Tieto, the management at Anderstorp high school decided that the school should be included in a pilot project where the possibilities of introducing automatic registration were examined. The school and the municipality will now evaluate if they want to proceed with automatic registration as a permanent solution . Financial IT -



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