Tourism officials are worried about whaling hurting Iceland’s brand

Tourism accounts for more than 8% of Iceland’s GDP. In 2016, revenue from tourism outstripped that of fisheries for the first time. With signs that this growth has started to stabilize, it’s understandable that officials would resist any policies that might slow growth any further. The Icelandic Travel Industry Association is worried that the practice will drive away the types of highly motivated, high-spending tourists that the country is most keen to attract. Managing director Jóhannes Skúlason says while hard data of the effect on tourism is scant, “for the last five years we have had indications that whaling does have an effect on the public opinion and thus on tourism to Iceland.” The Icelandic government says that “whaling in Icelandic waters is only directed at abundant whale stocks, it is science-based, sustainable, strictly managed and in accordance with international law.” - Quartz -



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