Troubleshooting made easier with augmented reality

A team of researchers and engineers at the Ericsson factory in Tallinn, Estonia, have made troubleshooting electronic boards easier with the use of augmented reality. Augmented reality troubleshooting, or ART as it is referred to by the team, is a tool designed to facilitate quick and easy learning as well as information sharing in the repair and maintenance area. Its main purpose is simple – to remove the need for Word documents with instructions due to the high workload required to create, edit and update those documents and train technicians. With ART, performing a visual inspection of the electronic board and testing or repairing components becomes faster as it gives the troubleshooter a “hands-free” experience and removes the need to switch focus between the document and the circuit board. Tests conducted by the team at the Tallinn site showed how much time it would take troubleshooters to perform certain activities at detailed levels. - -



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