ÚP: Unemployment grows to 3.4% compared to last year

(CIANEWS) - As of June 30, 2023, the Czech Labour Office (ÚP) recorded 249,792 job seekers, 4,101 fewer than in May and 18,483 more than last year. The share of the unemployed dropped 0.1 pp in month-on-month terms and grew by 0.3 pp on the year to 3.4%. In an international comparison, according to Eurostat data, the unemployment rate for May was the lowest in the entire European Union, at 2.3% (the EU average: 5.8%). According to available sources, 269,361 persons from Ukraine under temporary protection status received work in the Czech Republic from the start of the war to the end of June. At the end of the previous month, 105,180 Ukrainians were working in the Czech Republic.



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