ÚP: Unemployment rate increased to 3.5 %

(CIANEWS) - The Labor Office of the Czech Republic (ÚP) registered a total of 256,380 job applicants as of September 30, 2022, an increase of 4,627 month-on-month. There were 5,762 fewer of them year-on-year. Compared to August, the share of unemployed persons increased by 0.1 pp to 3.5 %. According to Eurostat data, the unemployment rate for August was the second lowest in the entire EU, at 2.6 %. The European Union average is 6 %. From the outbreak of the war until the end of September, a total of 131,704 persons from Ukraine with temporary protection obtained work in the Czech Republic. Some have already returned home or left their jobs. In September, 88,909 persons from Ukraine with temporary protection were working in the country.



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