ÚP: Unemployment up 0.1 p.p. to 3.8%

(ČIA) The Labour Office (ÚP) registered a total of 279,673 job seekers as of July 31, 2020. That is 10,036 more than in June and 74,553 more than a year ago. It is the highest value since February 2018, when 280,899 people were out of work. Of the total number of unemployed, 261,685 were available jobseekers last month. The share of unemployed persons increased to 3.8% (June 2020: 3.7%, July 2019: 2.7%). Employers offered 334,283 vacancies through the Labour Office, of which 11,671 under agreements outside the employment relationship, i.e. work performance agreements and work activity agreement.



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