Volvo presents Flexi Care programme

Flexi Care is an alternative car subscription service that meets the requirements of current buyers. In the times when customers are used to paying for more and more services in a transparent manner without additional fees, the traditional process of car purchase and ownership may seem rather complicated. Flexi Care is a game changer. Thanks to the new approach, the ownership of a car will be as simple and trouble-free as the ownership of a mobile phone. Flexi care enables customers to lease a new Volvo XC40 for a monthly fee without having to pay anything on top of that. All service and maintenance operations are secured by Volvo, with customers being free to choose the place and time of picking up their cars. Flexi Care includes insurance, accessories, seasonal re-fit of tyres, personal assistance services as well as a Concierge service that helps customers better plan their trips. - -



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