Wage costs increased by 60 %

(CIANEWS) - The Czech Republic is still one of the low-cost economies, where employers' costs per hour of work are below the threshold of CZK 500. They remain lowest in Bulgaria (CZK 201/h), highest in Luxembourg (CZK 1,245/h) and Norway (CZK 1,366/h), which, however, is not a member of the EU. Labor costs increased by 5 % between 2021 and 2022; they increased by 60 % since 2012. The Czech Statistical Office informed about this, saying that within the regions, Prague occupies a specific position on the labor market. Only highly qualified non-manual professions, preferably managerial, have significantly higher wages here. Here the proportion of very low wages up to CZK 22,000 gross is almost the same as in other regions, i.e. in decimals. Prague also has a lot of workers from other countries, especially qualified ones. This also affects average wages.



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