WHO virus study starts in Norway

Health Minister Bent Høie has announced that Norway is the first country to take part in a major international study that will test promising treatment methods for patients ill with the Corona virus. The study is being coordinated by the UN’s World Health Organisation (WHO). John-Arne Røttingen, director of the research council Forskningsrådet, said the study will involve tests of three drug treatments, with both malaria and ebola medicine involved. Prime Minister Erna Solberg said Norway’s role in the international study marks “great recognition” of Norwegian research and Norway’s public health services. The research also aims to determine whether it’s also possible to use various medicines to protect health care personnel and people in high-risk groups. It’s also hoped that successful medicinal treatment can reduce the amount of time patients currently need in hospitals’ intensive care wards, thus freeing up more beds for critically ill patients.

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