With turnover of CZK 10.77bn, IKEA saw online growth of 97.5 %

(ČIA) IKEA Česká republika reported a net turnover of CZK 10.77bn for the financial year ending August 31, 2020. Profit before tax amounted to CZK 1.42bn. The seller of furniture and household goods also stated in the annual report that online sales increased by 97.5 % year-on-year. Due to the quarantine in April and May 2020, the total attendance of department stores fell by 10 %. A total of 9.1 million people visited its four department stores in the Czech Republic in the financial year, of which 4.7 million bought IKEA products. The website was visited by 11.5 million people, of which 156,000 made online purchases.



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