Work-based immigration up in Finland, asylum applications down

The Ministry of the Interior reported earlier this month that Finland granted more work-based residence permits in 2018 than the year before. The ministry's Migration Review shows that nearly 7,700 people were granted residence in 2018 while in the previous year some 6,750 people were accepted. The data presents a steadily growing trend; in 2013 less than 5,000 work-based residence permits were issued. The ministry emphasised that in the previous government term, "several legislative amendments were introduced to make it easier for entrepreneurs and experts to move to Finland" to promote economic growth and employment. The overall number of work-based residence applications received by the Interior Ministry grew to some 10,800 last year, a growth of more than 2,000 applications. The ministry report indicates that while work immigration is on the rise, the number of asylum applications saw a "major decline" last year. - Yle -



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