World’s first open sea beluga whale sanctuary to open in Iceland

Two beluga whales are set to make a journey from China to Klettsvík bay, in Iceland’s Westman Islands this month. The archipelago will house the first open sea beluga whale sanctuary in the world. Originally from Russian waters, Little Grey and Little White are 12-year-old female beluga whales, who were taken into captivity at a young age to perform at Shanghai’s Changfeng Ocean World Zoo. The pair’s retirement from zoological entertainment is being orchestrated by the Sea Life Trust, a British environmental organization dedicated to the protection of marine wildlife. This multi-million pound project is being touted as “one of the biggest developments in captive whale and dolphin care and protection in decades.” The belugas are set to make the 10,000 km, 30-hour journey from China to Iceland, travelling via plane, ferry and a specially outfitted truck before arriving at the sanctuary off the coast of Heimaey. - The Reykjavík Grapevine -



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