World’s Largest Hub for Collaborative Robots Opens in Denmark

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) and Universal Robots (UR), the two flagships of the Danish robotics industry, are to share 32,000 m2 in a new ‘cobot hub’ in the city of Odense. With financial backing from their joint U.S. parent company Teradyne, Mobile Industrial Robots and Universal Robots will be investing $36 million in the construction of a major cobot hub in the “cobot capital” of the world. Collaborative robots – or cobots – are now the fastest growing segment of industrial automation. The new cobot hub supports Teradyne’s mission to further strengthen the significant leads that both MiR and UR have established worldwide. “MiR and UR are leading the world in the collaborative robot revolution that’s making automation solutions available to companies of all sizes. Teradyne continues to invest aggressively in the development of new products, solutions, and sales channels and this new facility is a key part of our growth strategy,” says Mark Jagiela, President and CEO of Teradyne.

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