YIT will also use prefabs for staircases and wall panels

(CIANEWS) - In addition to bathrooms, YIT Stavo is also installing other prefabricated structural elements in the Happi Milánská project - stair rails, elevator shafts, balcony slabs, ceiling filigrees and, now, also wall panels. So far, in a year and a half, it has installed 275 prefabricated bathrooms in its new apartments. CEO Marek Lokaj said that the company wants to use the potential of modular construction to the maximum. According to him, prefabrication is one of the ways that can help to solve the current unsatisfactory situation on the housing market. It can speed up the construction of a classic project by about 1.5 months. It saves time, financial costs and manpower. The inspiration for YIT is the parent company in Finland.



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