ZP MV estimates costs of tests and vaccination at CZK 3bn

(ČIA) Between January and August 2021, Zdravotní pojišťovna Ministerstva vnitra ČR (ZP MV) spent CZK 2.34bn on vaccination against COVID-19. At a ČIANEWS enquiry, this statement was made by spokeswoman Jana Schillerová. The period of 2020 is not comparable, as the development of the pandemic and the extent of covered services were different (antigen testing started in October 2020, vaccination at the end of 2020). The estimated costs related to COVID-19 testing and vaccination total CZK 3bn. At the end of 2020, ZP MV had a balance of CZK 5.69bn on the basic fund’s bank account, while at the end of September, the balance totalled CZK 6.11bn.



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